Shoe and laundry bag MAHARANI
Schuh- und Wäschebeutel MAHARANI
Schuh- und Wäschebeutel MAHARANI

Shoe and laundry bag MAHARANI

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Size : L 38cm x W 23cm
: 0.1kg
Material: 100% Polyester

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Perfectly stowed shoes and laundry! This small laundry bag accommodates shoes up to size 45 and is lined with a waterproof polyester fabric.

The lightweight pouch is folded so that it expands when needed and only takes up the space in your luggage that is really needed. There is a loop at the top for hanging. Underwear, socks, changing utensils for small children and all other small pieces of luggage can be separated and are ready to hand and stowed away while travelling. Taken out of the bag, they can be hung up clearly or stowed away in a cupboard.

Schuh-& Wäschebeutel

• Perfekt Schuhe oder Wäsche verstauen
• Geringes Eigengewicht
• Entfaltet sich bei Bedarf
• Wasserabweisender Innenbereich
• Auch für Wickelunterlagen für Kinder


Not only all shoes but also underwear or socks are perfectly stowed away!

Up to shoe size 45

Shoes up to size 45 can be accommodated in the shoe bag. On request we can also make your shoe bag 5 cm longer.

Multiple pairs

With flat shoes, there is space for several pairs in the bag.

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