02. - 06. AUGUST 2023


An event for horses, athletes and everyone who enjoys the beautiful things in life, music, design, good food and interesting people - cozy, familiar, of course Holstein with a touch of the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg and, above all, with the special thing that is Hof Waterkant matters!

Together with Janne F. Meyer-Zimmermann, we have brought out a collection for your tournament, of which 20% of the sales proceeds will be donated to Pink Ribbon Germany.

Other items in the collection

At the tournament we will present you with other items such as clutch bags that you will not find online here. You are welcome to ask us about them here!

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Today, the Pink Ribbon is a distinctive symbol of breast cancer awareness around the world. Pink Ribbon's goal is to work together to raise awareness of breast cancer. Because with hardly any other cancer is early detection so important for the chances of recovery.