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      Developed by riders for riders . When our top athletes work their horses, the saddle pad simply has to fit perfectly and be functional.
      Our CARLITOS handmade saddle pad is characterized by an excellent fit. This eliminates the hassle of attaching the loops to the saddle. We offer the handmade saddlecloths in different sizes.
      100% handmade & particularly gentle on the horse's back!

      Our saddle pads are suitable for daily work in dressage, jumping and cross-country, and of course also for the perfect appearance at the tournament.
      The Close Contact Pad , which enables direct contact with the horse in the area of ​​the thighs thanks to thinner layers of fabric and simple padding, has a profiled shape.

      saddle pads

      • 100% handmade & perfect fit
      • Our trademark: The Glücksblatt
      • Developed, used & recommended by professional riders!
      • Individual personalization (logo etc.)