Saddle pad by ANNA
Saddle pad by ANNA
Saddle pad by ANNA
Sattelpad by ANNA
Sattelpad by ANNA
Sattelpad by ANNA
Sattelpad by ANNA

Saddle pad by ANNA

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Size : See below
: 0.8kg
Material: Polycotton 70% cotton, 30% polyester. Deco ribbon: 100% cotton. Grosgrain Ribbon: 100% Polyester

Each model is unique.
The delivered product may differ from the product photo due to different shades of fabric batches and different pattern gradients of the fabric. All Carlitos products are sent to you directly from our factory in Poland!

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Care instructions: If dirty, we recommend cleaning them dry with a brush or a damp cloth.

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The saddle pad by Anna Siemer has the Carlitos logo (10 cm) embroidered in pink on one side.

You can use the Add Embroidery button to personalize the saddle pad. Add your Add a monogram and/or motifs such as our lucky leaf , star, crown, heart and more.

Basic color : dark blue POLY|N|01
Grosgrain : Pink TR|C|LT94
Deco ribbon : silver TB|S|02

The saddle pad is available in different sizes. Sizing information further down the page.

Developed by riders for riders . When our top athletes work their horses, the saddle pad simply has to fit perfectly and be functional.
Our CARLITOS handmade saddle pad is characterized by an excellent fit. This eliminates the hassle of attaching the loops to the saddle. We offer the handmade saddlecloths in different sizes.
100% handmade & particularly gentle on the horse's back!

Our saddle pads are suitable for daily work in dressage, jumping and cross-country, and of course also for the perfect appearance at the tournament.
The Close Contact Pad , which enables direct contact with the horse in the area of ​​the thighs thanks to thinner layers of fabric and simple padding, has a profiled shape.

saddle pad

• 100% handmade & perfect fit
• In various sizes and made to measure
• Special manufacturing technology - protects the horse's back!
• Popular and developed by professional riders from show jumping, dressage and eventing.
• Unmistakable and our trademark: the little lucky leaf on the withers!

100% handmade

In our manufactory we cut, quilt and sew by hand. Embroideries are always done before the saddlecloth is sewn together so that there is no messy backside.

Particularly gentle on the horse's back

A special manufacturing technique ensures that the movements of the horse and the saddle are cushioned. The top and bottom of the saddle pads are not sewn and are therefore particularly gentle on the horse's back. In the horse's back area, the pad is specially padded. The high quality of the fabrics used and the high-quality workmanship ensure good air circulation and a long service life.

Our trademark

are the lucky hand for that extra portion of luck or one of our many other icons. We can also embroider a monogram in the withers area! Try it out right away in our configurator using the DESIGN YOUR OWN button!

Saddle pad by ANNA saddle pad Dyo

The saddle pad sizes

Standard size, can also be used under the jumping saddle.

Back length approx. 70 cm x saddle flap approx. 55 cm

We recommend for large horses or dressage saddles with a long blade.

Back length approx. 70 cm x saddle flap approx. 58 cm

Straight cut in the front area! Can also be used as a dressage saddle pad for small horses.

Back length approx. 65 cm x saddle flap approx. 50 cm

Profiled shape and single-layer, thin padding in the area of ​​the thighs, which enables more direct contact with the horse.

Back length approx. 65 cm x saddle flap approx. 50 cm

Back length approx. 60 cm x saddle flap approx. 45 cm

Back length approx. 50 cm x saddle flap approx. 40 cm

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